Sunday, November 14, 2010

What actions can we take to stop racism and ensure peace?


In history, there have been many examples of racism. People such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Ralph Bunche have acted against racism. So how can we continue their legacy? Here are some tips:

If someone is being racist to you there are lots of things you can do
§  Don’t accept the abuse, because you are not the one with the problem.
§  Always make sure you tell someone what is happening.
§  Keep evidence (such as a diary) of what is happening.
§  Try to stick with a group of friends if you aren’t confident to be alone with the person.
§  Be prepared to speak up and don’t fight back!
§  Think about confronting the person.
§  Don’t give up!

If you want to reduce the effect of racism then first you have to start small
§  Try first to end racism in your family and friendships. You can do this in many simple ways. Explain about racism and how it is wrong –your family and friends may not know this.
§  Also, small things like interrupting offensive jokes and saying you don’t want to hear them.
§  In schools, supporting victims of racism can make a big difference.
Also, try to include racism in education. If you are a teacher, talk to your class and get them to discuss racism. If you are a student, get involved in anti-racism in projects (that you choose your own topic). The best way to raise awareness is through education.

Sometimes you are racist without noticing or meaning to
To avoid being racist
§  Always make sure you are aware of how people might be affected by your actions and words.
§  Be sensitive about other people and understand the human rights.
 Simple actions like these can really make a difference.

Some people say we can’t stop racism because there will always be someone who is racist. There are lots of theories such as “racism breeds racism”, and that you can’t stop racism. These are both true and false. Racism will not end until we all believe it is wrong. When people who create racism become educated about it, they will hopefully stop their actions and that can hopefully create peace.

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