Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What are the different perspectives on Racism?

Everyone has a different perspective on racism and what they think it means. Some people think it means to be treated equally and no one’s better than anyone else. However some people think that racism is just another way to bully a person about their beliefs, nationality, and the colour of their skin, their culture or religion.
We did a survey to find out some more.

Q1. Do you think racism is right or wrong?
-        9 / 9 people think that racism is wrong.

Q2. Why do you think racism is right or wrong?
-         It’s mean
-         It’s a form of bullying
-         It treats people badly
-         All people are equal no matter what their beliefs, nationality, the colour of skin, culture and religion.  
-          ‘As creatures’ of the human race we all have similar morals making us equal 
-         Because it’s discrimination against people and it hurts their feelings.

Q3. What actions would you take if you saw someone being racist?
-         Say that’s a bit racist don’t you think?
-         Give the victim of racism a caring look
-         Actively discourage it
-         Tell then off
-         Tell them that’s it rude
-         Right their wrong
-         Tell them to stop and say sorry
-         Support the victim
-         Speak up
-         Discuss the issue with the person who is being racist
-         Stand up to the person who is subjected to racism
-         Go up and say that’s not very nice and everyone should be treated equally

Q4. Are the people around you racist?
-         5 answer no
-         4 answer yes,
·       Students at school  may be racist as a joke,
·        Students at school  may be unaware of their actions
·       People are still racist but nowhere near as much as in the past

Q5. Have you ever been affected by racism? If so how did it make you feel?
-         3 answer no, they hadn’t been affected by racism
-         3 people said yes, they had been affected by racism and it made them feel...
·       inferior towards other races
·       sad that people are judged on what they look like rather than who they are
·       like a outsider
·       sad and embarrassed

Q6. Have you ever been racist?
-         3 people answered no they had never been racist
-         6 people answered yes they has been racist but...
·       I didn’t mean to and didn’t understand
·       Meant it as a joke
·       Didn’t set out to hurt anyone
·       I had only used it as a stereotype

Q7. Has racism changed from when you were a child to now?
-         4 people answer N/A
-         5 people answer yes because...
·       Groups have changed who have experienced racism
·       There is more awareness on racism
·       There is more tolerance for people of different nationalities because there are more races around us now
·       People are much more conscious of racism and avoid being racist
·       Different colours of skin are more accepted today

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