Monday, November 22, 2010

What are the actions we have taken?

During this unit we have taken lots of actions.
§  We wrote letters to wristband companies and asked them to donate wristbands to give out to people to raise awareness on racism. We got a reply, and now have some wristbands to give out on the night.
§  We wrote letters to religious leaders and asked them if they had any racism experiences. We did get a reply, but they said that they had not had any.
§  We have also created a pledge for people to sign at the exhibition. This pledge asks people to sign their name and say that they promise not to be racist.
§  We created a blog on racism to raise awareness through the internet. On the blog ( we have posted most our research and our questions.
§  On the night of the exhibition, we will give out brochures to people so they can learn more about racism and hopefully avoid being racist.

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